Terms of purchase and refund of the goods

  1. General rules / conditions: 1.1. These rules are binding on both parties and regulate: the rights of the buyer and the seller, the obligations, the purchase of goods and payment terms, delivery and return of goods, the responsibility of both parties and other provisions relating to the sale of goods with SIA "Lifesense" (hereinafter referred to as " Text - Seller).
  2. The buyer agrees with these rules, placing and confirming the order in the online store matestore.eu, and / or when registering in the online store matestore.eu. The seller has the right to change the rules, taking into account the regulatory requirements and in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia. The buyer is informed about this through the online store or by e-mail.
  3. Purchase / Sale 3.1. The purchase / sale agreement is considered concluded when the client: 3.1.1. Confirms the purchase in the online store matestore.eu (confirmation will also be sent to the e-mail specified at the time of registration of the order); 3.1.2. Confirms his order by phone specifying the delivery address and his / her name / surname, as well as at the time of receiving the goods by signing the courier delivery document (delivery list, or electronically signing in the terminal or by other means - depending on the courier's requirements); 3.1.3. Provides all the necessary documents / information necessary to fill the application for a loan (leasing), the application for the loan (leasing) is provided by the Seller.
  4. Rights and obligations of the Buyer: 4.1. The buyer must pay for the goods in accordance with the terms of payment. 4.2. The buyer agrees to comply with all the conditions described in the online store matestore.eu and are dictated by the legislation of the Republic of Latvia. 4.3. If the buyer is unable to fulfill his obligations, the Seller has the right immediately and without prior notice, to limit or terminate the cooperation with the Buyer.
  5. Rights and obligations of the Seller: 5.1. The Seller has the right to cancel the Buyer's order if the Seller can not contact the Buyer within 3 (three) business days5.2. The seller must comply with the buyer's right to confidentiality of the data, in accordance with Latvian law and the confidentiality rules of SIA "Lifesense".
  6. If the seller is unable to fulfill the order of the buyer (deliver the goods on time and / or deliver directly the goods that the buyer ordered), then the buyer has the right to refuse the order. In this case, if the buyer has already paid the goods, the Seller must return the paid amount to the buyer within 3 (three) business days. An exception is when the buyer and the seller have agreed among themselves for another delivery time or exchange of goods for another product.
  7. Return of goods: 7.1. The Customer has the right to return the goods within 14 (fourteen) days, subject to the following provisions: 7.1.1. Informing the seller of the return decision by providing a written application to the Seller; 7.1.2. Delivering the goods to SIA "Lifesense" store at Tapesu 23, Rīgā; 7.1.3. Delivering the goods in their original packaging, in the same condition as it was purchased.
  8. The obligations of the seller include the return to the Buyer of the value of the goods in the amount of 100% within 30 (thirty) days to the specified buyer's bank account (the details of the invoice must be specified in the return application), minus the shipping costs, if any. The seller has the right to refuse return of the goods, if the goods are damaged and / or it was used improperly.